Loose Connection - Telescope

Loose Connection - Telescope

Format: CD-Maxi
Stil: Rock
Textsprache: english
erschienen: 14.1.2011
Jahrzehnt: 10er Jahre

Fontastix-Bestellnummer: 322773
Bei Fontastix seit: 14.01.2011
Label: Fontastix

Künstler-Website: http://www.looseconnection.ch

CHF 14.90



Alternative/Indie Rock. The 5 songs that are part of Loose Connection's current live show present an insight to the band's overall work and versatility. The songs live on dynamics, catchy and yet fresh melodies, sluggish pumping beats and profound lyrics.

Loose Connection are:

Sam Blaser: voice, words, guitar.

Jan Locher: drums.

Manuel Berger: guitar, effects, voice.

Flo Haldimann: bass. (On this record basslines were recorded by Lukas Kurmann.)

Recorded at Spacelab Studio. Mastered at Mastering Ranch by Eroc. Produced by Loose Connection.