Sugar and the Josephines - La Rumba Senza Te

Sugar and the Josephines - La Rumba Senza Te

Format: CD album
Genre: Jazz
Genre 2: Country / Folk / Auteurs-compositeurs - Chansons
plusieurs langues
Décennie: années 10

Numéro de commande Fontastix: 323847
Chez Fontastix depuis: 13.12.2017
Label: Fontastix

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The Swiss combo Sugar and the Josephines presents its third album. 18 pearls made by jazz, chansons, evergreens and swing, produced with a lot of heart and playfulness. The colorful mix of all sorts of styles and languages, seasoned with wit and skill, has made Sugar and the Josephines a very successful live band for small theaters, big ballrooms, private parties and countless other events since 2005.