Al-Berto & the Fried Bikinis - Byron Bay

Al-Berto & the Fried Bikinis - Byron Bay

Format: CD-Album
Stil: Pop
Textsprache: mehrere Sprachen
erschienen: 15.5.2010 / 2009
Jahrzehnt: 00er Jahre

Fontastix-Bestellnummer: 322678
Bei Fontastix seit: 18.05.2010
Label: Bikini Atoll Vibrations


CHF 23.90



Al-Berto travels around the world to explore places for climbing and surfing. On his journey he meets wonderful people, weird people, people like you, people completely different. All that makes his mind tumble, sometimes his heart, too.

Back home or on the road he records the inspirations and revelations and if there is a concert he asks his friends 'the Fried Bikinis' to support him and have a good time. It feels like a perfect formula