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Noesberger: Flowers

From rock to jazz and back again to rock: This is the path of Daniel Noesberger. And if it says rock here, it should actually be ROCK! . Because the 44-year-old guitarist from the area of Zurich has deferred his debut for too long in order to compromise. On that account "Flowers" covers the whole range of (hard) Rock music: Stoner Rock, Prog, Grunge, Doom, Blues, Punk, Metal, a small pinch of Funk - and with full power an ear for Pop choruses and catchy guitar riffs.

Daniel Noesberger and his band are masters of their craft, that is clear from the first note. Granite hard beats, uncompromising alienated guitars and a bass, that goes on and on behind the wall of guitars, shape the sound of this powerful debut. With all the technology and experimentation, you can hear that the team members understand each other effortlessly. Because even if Noesberger took some time for their statement on the CD - at the end it went quite quickly: Two trials and three days in the studio had to be enough for the "Flowers" sessions. Everything you hear, was recorded live. In most cases, they reached their target already on the second take.

That Noesberger sound so compact and powerful is no coincidence: the musicians of the trio have studied music at the Jazz School Lucerne together and have played a funky Jazz-Rock in the band SPQR during their studies. But even if Jazz has been an important foundation for their musical education and the art of improvisation: Rock always remains the passion of the musicians of Noesberger. Flo Götte has made his mark as a virtuoso and willing-to-experiment bass player and has become familiar with Evelinn Trouble and Disco Doom across national borders a long time ago already. Drummer Christoph Schorro has gathered some experience in the alternative rock band "The Shell" in Berlin and is also known in the Swiss music scene, where he's played in the band Bonaparte.

Now it was time to find each other again in Zurich TrackThis Studios, surrounded by old, analog capture devices, to implement Daniel Noesbergers long-cherished dream of his own album, where he also takes care of the vocals. The songs were always in the foreground, even if the "doomy" mood managed to sometimes prevail in the interaction between the musicians.That Noesberger was inspired by people such as Jack White, Black Sabbath, the Rival Sons and Queens Of The Stone Age, is indeed impossible to ignore.

But Noesberger are no copyists. For the rock pulsates too much in their veins. A debut that promises more.

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