The Second Cousins - Bloody Tears

The Second Cousins - Bloody Tears

Format: CD album
Genre: Black Music - Blues
Décennie: années 10

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Label: SerDaia Songs

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In the late eighties Cla Nett (then with the Lazy Poker Blues Band) and Kurt Bislin met for the 1st time at the legendary Atlantis Music Club in Basel. As a member of the Burton Brothers Blues Band, Kurt Bislin stopped there for a three day stint while touring Europe. On the second night Cla Nett was invited by the Burtons to sit in with the band and he played an outstanding set.

The two kept contact and over the years off and on met on-stage. on one of those long nights of music and talk, to their big surprise they eventually found out they were related ... second cousins ... their grandfathers had been brothers!