Scream Your Name - Reborn

Scream Your Name - Reborn

Format: CD album
Genre: Rock - Metal
Décennie: années 10

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Label: Brownsville Records

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The new album REBORN from the Emmental based foursome will be release on

September 8, 2017. The title of the album doesn’t necessarily states that they feel

reborn; it rather reflects the new path they’ve chosen while working on their new

material. They look ahead and no longer wish to linger in the past.

It’s their first album which was written in collaboration with a producer. While some of

the songs were written in their home based studio in Burgdorf, others evolved in

Hamburg together with Bassel Hallak. The songs were mixed by Los Angeles based Paul

Lani. The result is modern rock, influenced by different metal genres. As a matter of

fact, they will all soon be in their thirties and the band has obviously developed and the

songs come across more mature.

Since they formed seven years ago, they’ve learned a lot. On tours throughout

Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy and Indonesia and shows in the US, Ukraine, Czech

Republic and Poland, the band was able to gain a lot of valuable experience. All these

influences contributed to the development of their third full-length studio album.

The lyrics, the communication with their fans as well as their work within the music

business - they have never been as honest as they are now to this date.Take the fact

that they just do what they consider to be right thing for themselves.