Pullup Orchestra - Hoi Zämä

Pullup Orchestra - Hoi Zämä

Format: CD album
Genre: Musique d’instruments à vent - Brassband
Genre 2: Hip-Hop
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Décennie: années 10

Numéro de commande Fontastix: 323237
Chez Fontastix depuis: 20.11.2013
Label: Hinterhaus Records

Site Internet de l'artiste: http://www.pulluporchestra.ch

CHF 19.90



Hoi Zämä (EP incl. Bonustracks)

Recorded during the MIND THE GAP - Tour 2013, this EP marks the beginning of a new sound era of the 10 piece BRAP-Orchestra from Switzerland. 

Since 2007, the world‘s only BRAP-Band has recorded three studio albums and played over 500 shows throughout Europe. 
The new EP reflects the sound of the 10 piece BRAP Band which focus on brass and rap including the contagious and bonding effect of their live shows.