Johnny Tienne A. - Be You

Be You

Johnny Tienne A.

CD album

Johnny Tienne A. reloaded: as a singer-songwriter with a smoky-gravelly-raw voice. Blues rock from heavy to smooth, from ironic love songs to provocative pamphlets, from mellow 12-bar blues to complex disruptive arrangements. Accompanied by a band with an unbelievable groove. Produced by Michael Dolmetsch, coached by Lilly Martin.

The music of Johnny Tienne A. breaks free from the usual categories and rules. That was already the case with his CD "Jazz'n'Blues Live at Miller's" and it's true again of "Be You", his debut album as a songwriter of the somewhat different kind. The vocals are deliberately provocative and unpolished, the lyrics are far from being repetitively uniform. Stylistically versatile, from funky soul blues to lyrical recitation and, on occasion, some good old Delta blues too. Blues rock sound in all its facets. 10 original compositions, idiosyncratically arranged, plus three covers as bonus tracks.

Even the album cover is non-conformist: no title, just a mirror that always shows the observer from new perspectives. Be you, the one-and-only you. The booklet contains all of the lyrics, including two poems by Charles Bukowski and William H. Davies, set to music for the first time by Johnny Tienne A.


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