Jane Fountaine - I am who I am

Jane Fountaine - I am who I am

Format: CD album
Genre: Catégories supplémentaires - Divers styles
Genre 2: Pop
plusieurs langues
Décennie: années 10

Numéro de commande Fontastix: 323166
Chez Fontastix depuis: 01.06.2013
Label: La Fountaine Records

Site Internet de l'artiste: http://www.janefountaine.com

CHF 27.90



"Powerful voice - diversified album what testifies great creativity!"

Jane Fountaine does feel home in dif. styles of music. Her guide is intuition and feelings. That's why sometimes her compositions are jazzy-popy, bluesy-souly and sometimes you even feel hijacked into a land of fantasie...

Her songs sounds tender and fragile, full of melancholie, but then again full of power, vitality and soulfulness.

"I am colourful - as my songs are! I have different faces - as my music does - but all are Jane!"