Hanging Live Trio - First Take

Hanging Live Trio - First Take

Format: CD album
Genre: Musiques du monde
Genre 2: Jazz
Décennie: années 10

Numéro de commande Fontastix: 323837
Chez Fontastix depuis: 09.11.2017
Label: Fontastix

Site Internet de l'artiste: http://www.dr.dellers.com/worldmusic/hang.html

CHF 23.90



Groovy rhythmic or poetically playful, inspired by Eastern / Western folk music and the freedom of jazz, we improvise over different scales, similar to ragas in Indian music.

In the center of the trio is the Israeli drummer Hagay Sofer (Basel, IL) with the instrument "Hang", a hand-hammered melodic percussion instrument from metal, which gives the trio the typical sound and the musical direction.

Didine Stauffer from Aarau (CH) is the groove with a wide range of colors on the Persian Dombak, the Indian tablas and the oriental frame drum.

Tassilo Dellers (Basel, CH) finally garnishes the whole with folky-jazz to far-eastern melodic lines on various Bansuri flutes, the Sopransaxofon as well as the bass clarinet.