Dexter Doom And The Loveboat Orchestra - Imperial Girl

Dexter Doom And The Loveboat Orchestra - Imperial Girl

Format: CD album
Genre: Catégories supplémentaires - Divers styles
Genre 2: Reggae - Ska
plusieurs langues
Décennie: années 10

Numéro de commande Fontastix: 323359
Chez Fontastix depuis: 19.08.2014
Label: Fontastix

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Congratulations! You have reached the next level of this devil-may-carious shower's ongoing battle against their nemesis, Lord Lightspeed. This time they leave no turn unstoned; Ska, Reggae, Balkan, Motown, Punk, Funk, Boogie-Jive-Swing, Rock n' Roll, West-Coast Jazz and Berlin-style Schlager are just some of the measures used to keep the party dancing while the battle hamsters sniff him out....

They'll make you laugh

They'll make you cry

They'll make you pregnant

They'll make you sigh

But most of all, they're gonna make you dance!

All of the tracks on “Imperial Girl” are originals, with the odd John Williams quotation, although, to be honest, a lot of the words were copied out of the dictionary - some from a German one – and most of the notes can be found on a normal keyboard.