Schaltkreis Wassermann - Psychotron

Schaltkreis Wassermann - Psychotron

Format: Vinyl-Album
Stil: Electronica / Dance - Experimental
Stil 2: Pop
Textsprache: mehrere Sprachen
erschienen: 15.01.2014
Jahrzehnt: 10er Jahre

Fontastix-Bestellnummer: 323282
Bei Fontastix seit: 23.01.2014
Label: Private Records


CHF 27.90



Schaltkreis Wassermann is a veteran group of early eighties electronica with their cult album PSYCHOTRON. The duo that consisted of Stella & PJ Wassermann fused wild psychedelic experiments with their exploration of analog synthesizers that at that time were completely new and futuristic. But they also included pop and dance elements.

Their instruments in the early 80ies were:

• ARP 2600

• ARP Avatar guitar synthesizer (the guitar part didn't work really well so the Avatar was often used as a sound module, basically identical with the ARP Odyssey)

• Roland 100M modular synth

• Sequential Circuits Prophet V (Rev 2)

• Roland Dr. Rhythm and later Roland TR-808 drum machine

• Roland MC4 MicroComposer as the central controlling hub and compositional machine

Effects included Roland RE-201 Space Echo, the Roland SVC 350 Vocoder, Roland Phasers and Flangers and the Marshall Time-Modulator.