Hellbone - Pollinctor

Hellbone - Pollinctor

Format: CD-Album
Stil: Electronica / Dance - Industrial
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erschienen: 2009
Jahrzehnt: 00er Jahre

Fontastix-Bestellnummer: 322396
Bei Fontastix seit: 23.04.2009

Künstler-Website: http://www.hellbone.com

CHF 23.90



HELLBONE creates authentic dark industrial electronica and experimental noise. The mix of different influences like Skinny Puppy, Tool, Haus Arafna, NIN or Depeche Mode are the recipe of the Hellbone sound. The main difference to other bands is that there are vocals but no lyrics. The voice is used as an instrument to focus on the dull ambience and deathliness.

The HELLBONE project actually started at the end of 2006, but already rumored a few years before. Back in 1998 our musical knowledge started growing by producing triphop, breakbeat, drum'n'bass and other weird stuff. Our attention was also drawn to deathmetal and alternative rock. After playing in many metal/rock bands for a few years, we started to find our genre and create our own style.

Our debut album POLLINCTOR was written and produced in 2008/2009 and is an independent underground release from switzerland. It is dedicated to you.